1. At this lesson instructor shows an interesting way to make holes with another sculpted body. He use a sculpted cylinder and manipulate polygons to make a hole with a desired shape. He also using symmetry straight out of box with a sculpted cylinder and show how to subdivide certain polygons. Fusion 360 propagate changes in subdivided sculpted mesh for 2 levels. So if we move a polygon or an edge, it affects only 2 levels of edge loops. See attached screenshots.
  2. Symmetry workflow for sculpted body
  3. We cannot do a subtraction until we make a solid body from sculpted body. Use patch mode for that kind of things.
  4. We can always go earlier at timeline and make changes at sculpt and it will propagate to the last action at the timeline. 6.45 sec of a video
  5. Shell command. That’s an interesting one. We can make a shell at any solid body do make it hollow inside.