Welcome! After some time my website is finally launched and can operate. Fine. What is next ? Time will show, I guess 😉 If talk seriously, the next thing must be work to improve of my english skills. Because often i speak like a … Well, my english is really not very good for now.

I do computer graphics. I love to make 3d shit. After two years of working at 3ds max as my main 3d graphics package and some render engines like vray, corona, fstorm, I decided to try cinema 4d. I loved c4d a lot. 3ds max is good for modeling, but c4d is very good for animation and other things. Love c4d viewport depth of field feature, love c4d dynamics and other things. Very cool software.

So the next thing will be more cinema 4d renders and animation. Together with redshift render I can make countless of interesting things.

See you later! Need to make some new renders to show 😉