Topics covered in that lesson:

Finishing form of vase and closing top and bottom holes:

Once we finished Sculpt form, we got a thin hollow surface. It have yellow color inside and default metal appearance. It is open body now. To make a solid body, we need to close open holes in Patch mode. Patch mode already have nice shortcuts at the top panel for that purpose, they are: Patch and Stitch.

First we need to create a patch with a left shortcut. It will create a patch at the hole. Then we need to use right shortcut to stitch them together. While patching holes fusion can make a patch with wrong normal direction. It will highlight yellow. Keep that in mind. But at that particular lesson instructor stitched patch with wrong normal without any problems. Fusion reversed it somehow.

By the way, as far as I remembered from previous lessons, Fusion allow to edit Sculpted body after it turned into Solid body and after filling holes with patches was done. Pretty nice feature, if we need to make some changes at sculpted body. We don’t need to patch it again, just roll timeline from here to there and that’s all.