Learned some new things about Patch environment in Fusion

Topics covered in that lesson:

Spline extrude, thickening extruded spline, making a complex solid body from spline, cutting another solids with spline.

This is about Patch Environment
All that info should be keeped in mind, as it is a complitely new workflow in compare with polygonal modeling in 3ds max. You should definetely starting to apply this workflow and begin to thinking in CAD terms.

1) Spline extrusion in Patch environment, thicken spline command – we can use it some kind like 3ds max sweep or rectangular shaped spline, as thicken command gives us only a thicken option.

2) Cutting extruded thin spline with another spline and turn it into a solid body (trim command)

3) Cutting another solid body with previous complex shaped spline profile.