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"Endless Rhythm" Second animation, that I made in cinema4d. I didn't expect that it will took so long for a second time. First of all I made that model in 3dsmax, because it's easy for me for now. Then I exported model to cinema4d and made shaders and lighting for a scene. Then I animated and rendered it at redshift. This time it took only 10 secs for frame at 800x800px. Very nice, as I think. I think I started to love redshift. Then I installed Adobe after effects and this software almost made me mad. I made some tone mapping in AE though. It's a bit different in comparison with still shots and post work in photoshop. Then I tried to add some music in after effects, but it drived me crazy. I decided to install Adobe premier and added music there. At last I used Adobe media encoder to made final video. Music are from Global Communication and a name of a track is 14:31 #izdeliyaduha #everydays #cgi #redshift #cinema4d #animation #render #globalcommunication #Adobe #aftereffects #adobepremiere

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