During learning c4d after max, I have a couple of questions

Custom hotkeys:

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Cinema 4D

cinema 4d detach polygon

Cinema 4D Disconnect and Split Commands

Phong selection, something like Max “select by angle”

cinema 4d phong select
Saturday tips-TIP 05- Phong break selection (Cinema4D)

Select ALL points (something like ignore backfacing)
cinema 4d backface select


Selecting elements:

Applying material to null and it’s children:
cinema 4d apply material to null children
cinema 4d apply material to multiple objects

cinema 4d instance object:
Cinema 4D – Instance Object Overview


Working with tool similar to “transform toolbox” in Max, and centering pivots of objects:


cinema 4d measure tool:

How to quickly measure in Cinema 4D