Fusion 360 notes

where does fusion 360 save files ? It store files on autodesk server. https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/quick-question-where-are-files-stored-locally/td-p/5440493

Cinema 4d shortcuts

Group objects in a Null object alt+g Note: sometimes it works but because of “hide and seek” plugin we cannot see a new null. So just exit solo…

Cinema 4d learning

During learning c4d after max, I have a couple of questions Custom hotkeys: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Cinema 4D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRK7d_1ZxxQ cinema 4d detach polygon Cinema 4D Disconnect and…

3ds max notes

3ds max viewport clipping https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Viewport-Clipping.html 3ds max remove vertex on edge (to clean mesh after boolean) Turn to poly modifier with “Remove Mid-edge Vertices” do that job and…

3ds max boolean workflow

Ok, here are lots of raw info about booleans and chamfers: 3ds max boolean chamfer – google https://polycount.com/discussion/192325/3ds-max-booleaned-chamfers-almost-not-relevant – sometimes you want use fusion360 or other CAD for…

Useful Links (unselected yet)

https://pxhere.com – lots of nice textures and photos https://www.pexels.com/ photos https://pixabay.com/ https://the-dots.com – just dots 3d models: https://grabcad.com/ https://free3d.com/ https://sketchfab.com/ https://www.thingiverse.com/ https://www.cggallery.com/tutorials/displacement/ – strange displacement

How to save a single frame in After Effects

composition>save frame as>file Go to the frame that you want to export so that it is shown in the Composition panel. Do one of the following: To render…

Music Box

Soundtrack for today #1

Stray Cats – Live At Montreux 1981

Difference in rotation behavior of regular cube animation and cube animation inside of null object.

Difference in rotation behavior of regular cube animation and cube animation inside of null object. While working at new animation I noticed that my animated cube began to…

Soundtrack for today #0

Heliocentric World – Spiritual Sky

Izdeliyaduha.com is launched!

Welcome! After some time my website is finally launched and can operate. Fine. What is next ? Time will show, I guess 😉 If talk seriously, the next…